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No, I know that I'm no Superman.

I am JD, John Dorian, Vanilla Bear, Bambi, Kid.

I am not DJ, Patricia, Dorothy, Scooter, Newbie, Q-tip, Johnny, or any other girls name you can think of.

Who is JD? I'm a complicated guy; I'm a sensi and a doctor-in-training who really just needs some lovin is all (anyone interested?). Honestly, though, I'm just someone who wants to be a good friend and become the best damn doctor possible. It's hard to explain who you are in just a few sentences. Sometimes I'm not even sure of the answer. The most annoying aspect of who I am is that no matter what I do, I can't stop day dreaming and narrating my life like it's some kind of wacky television sitcom.

What does a cool guy like JD do with his time? I work, learn, try to make money so I can start paying back loans. I follow Dr. Cox around in hopes he'll spend five seconds to talk to me or maybe even give me a pat on the back, show some kind of confirmation that, exploding head or not, I'm going to make it as a doctor. There's also spending time with my Chocolate Bear, Elliot, and Carla. There's a lot of avoiding or running from the Janitor. If there's time at the end of the day for an appletini and hitting on some chicks at the bar with my boys, I'm down with that too.

What's a sensi? No, it's not a skilled expert and teacher of the martial arts. Sorry to dissapoint. Although, a sensi could be considered an emotional sensei. See there's slight difference in spelling and pronounciation, but it makes all the difference in meaning.

Sensi is short for sensitive guy. We're a different breed of male. We enjoy acoustic or alternative music, we help a drunk girl home safely without trying to cop a feel of anything other than her hair as we pull it away from her puking mouth, and we find the joy in the simplicities in life like fire flies and a morning smoothie from the local Quickie Mart. Sensis love hugs and other signs of affection, it makes us feel validated, cared for, and loved, so if you know one feel free to show us how you feel at any time and expect plenty of hugs, whether you want them or not. Crying triggers a nurturing impulse in all sensis that we just can't resist, and we really desire to connect emotionally to those around us. If you need a shoulder to cry on, I'm your man... or should I say I'm your sensi. ; )

It's there to guard my hopes and dreams.

outsideinn - JD: I was lucky enough to stumble (well, really I was dancing) into the Inn, a place between worlds. I've met so many awesome people there, and that place has changed me for the better.

The most amazing thing that the Inn has done for me is that it gave me the chance to meet April. She is the most amazing woman I have ever known and for some inexplicable reason... she actually fell in love with me. We're married. She's my gorgeous wife. I'm the luckiest man alive.

beyondtherift - JD: The Rift gave JD the ability to project hallucinations, basically, whatever his brain thinks up will become available for anyone around him to see. When he's particularly emotional or not paying attention, he'll have no control over the number of hallucinations that happen or what those hallucinations are. These hallucinations are basically just images, sometimes sounds, scents, feelings that anyone in proximity can see/hear/smell/feel. Eventually, he will be able to create hallucinations that are so lifelike, they can be touched, kissed. Almost as if its real. The creation of those hallucinations will be hardest on him, probably make him pass out for a few hours, but they will be possible.

[Disclaimer: I do not own John Dorian or Scrubs, this journal is completely fictional and just for fun, fanfiction, and rping purposes. The JD I rp with will be from Second Season, some time around the episode, "My T.C.W." Information about sensis is basically just elaborated from JD's answer to Turk in the episode entitled "My Fallen Idol" from season 5. Thank you to summer_wolf for the screen caps of "My Unicorn".

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JD's room at outsideinn is room number 23, find a description here]

Height: 6'

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