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(no subject)

March 20th, 2010 (05:54 pm)
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♡♥♡♥♡ RP LOVE MEME ♡♥♡♥♡

♡♥♡my thread♡♥♡

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January 13th, 2010 (11:12 pm)
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This is going to sound really weird and make me sound really crazy. I'm not really crazy. I'm exhausted, and my brain power is completely used up for the first time since I got it so there's

This thing that I should

I'm trying to figure out what's real and what isn't in- My memories and the people that I met cause I guess. I don't know I've had this habit of living in my head. Not really my head. I can make whatever I want to make is real. Not real but look and feel and sound real which is

It's close enough so if I've met you and you're real, could you tell me? I probably made up stuff that happened between us. I probably think we're closer than we actually are because I do this all the time and things that have happened that shouldn't be able to- I'll try to stay awake long enough cause sometimes I think I make up journal entries too, and if my brain power gets better again, I'll probably pretend like this isn't even here. I don't know how to stop. I don't want to stop but I

I have to.

I think I have to.

I do, right?

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[OOC] song that reminds me of JD lulz

January 12th, 2010 (03:04 pm)

OOC: just reminding myself this song exists so I can buy it at some point.
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I need to make a play list post for him... someday. >>"

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prompt response for kawaiispinel

November 26th, 2009 (01:25 am)
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Title: Why Nate is Not a Ghost
Characters: JD, illusion!Nate :|
Word Count: 239
Notes: I'm amused because I know this song and yet it became angsty. Idk.

You just come on over here one last time, pucker up, and close your eyes, and kiss this goodbye.

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[locked to Nate][backated

November 16th, 2009 (04:28 pm)

Dear Nate,

Today I met BATMAN. It was awesome. He's really nice in person and really attractive.

I wish you were here to meet him too.

Love, JD

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[locked to Nate]

November 9th, 2009 (12:21 am)

Hi again! I know you're not back from Jamaica yet. It would be way too soon to get back from Jamaica, but I thought I would write you to keep you updated so you could read these as you're flying back into the city, and we can skip the talking and get straight to the sexin. Cause that's the way that I like it.

Okay. So you know like how you're going to see all those hot Cabana boys? Well. I thought I'd work out so I could be equally as hot and you don't start wishing for the Cabana boys, again. Pretty smart, huh? Well, I am a doctor. ;)

I miss you. I'm trying to get out more cause without you here it's kind of like I never talk to anybody. Sometimes Ariel comes to visit or Dr. Cox, but it's not the same as when you're here always and neither of them wants to sleep in bed with me at night so. Come back soon! have fun but not too much fun, okay? Okay. Well. I guess I'll wrap this update up! I love you!

JD [userpic]

[locked to Nate]

November 4th, 2009 (01:40 am)

I heard on the journals that you're going on a trip for awhile to Jamaica. I'll totally be here waiting for you when you come back, but boy am I like completely jealous. I know the trip was a last minute decision and you had to leave or lose the chance to go forever so I don't blame you for not telling me yourself. And who would turn down a chance to go to Jamaica? You'd have to be CRAZY. And I know you're not crazy. Please, don't fall in love with any cabana boys while you're down there. I know they have sexy muscles and they're not usually wearing shirts and they're hard to resist, but just remember all the

But you owe me a Gilmore Girls marathon and musical night and everything. I'm still holding you to all of those. I hope you know.

I love you! I'll see you when you get back, okay? I bet you look good with a really hot tan. I just wish I could be there spreading the lotion on your skin. Where did that Silence of the Lambs moment come from? UHM. I meant that in a really sexy way, not a creepy, cannibal way. You remember that don't you? Your boyfriend is sexy?

Well. Okay. As long as you know.

I'll miss you every day until you're here again. I promise I won't fall in love with any... ghosts or anything. You get cabana boys, and I get ghosts. FIGURES.

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August 24th, 2009 (07:22 pm)
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I feel just like that chick from Casper! :D

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[public][backdated to when he met Elliot]

August 18th, 2009 (10:33 pm)
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Chicago FINALLY rocks like it should!

I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!!! AND he is hot. I know I already talked about that on here, but I don't even care, because it's that much awesome that it should be talked about EVERY TIME I make an entry from now until always.

And one of my best friend from my own world is here! A year into my stay and I never thought it would happen! LOVE YOU ELLIOT!

I was watching Disney movies earlier. MARATHON. Everyone remember! It's very important. Chim chiminey- No, not that.

Hakunah Matatah !  Also, someday your prince will come. Kiss the girl/boy! It's the circle of life.

AND remember Chicago, that you'll be in my heart... from this day on. Now and forever more
, but especially you, Nate.

I hope you're having happy, too! :D

JD [userpic]


July 22nd, 2009 (10:11 pm)

I DID IT!!!!!!!

Love is real!

Don't stop believin!

hold on to that feeling...
streetlight people

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